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Here for a moment, gone in a flash

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21st September 2003

6:33pm: I just finished vatchink Undervorld on my computer. It vasn't such a bad movie, although vas I de only vone who t'ought dat the half-vampire/half-verewolf looked like me, minus a tail und novere near as cute? I mean, he vas blue und furry, he had fangs, yellow claws, und vierd colored eyes. Oh a side note, how come hyu don't dress like de gorls in dat movie, Jimaine? I tink hyu should :] :] :]

Still, vatching dat movie made me tink. If it vasn't for high-speed internet here at de mansion, der vould be no vay for me to see movies until dey came out on video. I mean, tink about vhen I tried to buy dat necklace for Jimaine at de mall? Ja, dat didn't go to vell, did eet? No. No it did not. It just kind of irks me dat I can't go out and do tings vit hyu all outside of de mansion. Don't get me wrong, I love it here. It's a beautiful place vit lots of deep shadows and tings to climb on. Everyvone here is so nice too. But it's still de only place I can go. If hyu put an animal in a cage, no matter how beautiful de cage, de animal vill still pace around because it knows it iz a cage.

I need some time to meinself. If anyting important happens, I'll be up in de bell tower.
Current Mood: thoughtful

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11th September 2003

1:49pm: Decisions, decisions
Back from Germany.

This place is so empty. Were is everyone?

Can't decide if I vant food or sleep first.





Foo. . .

Current Mood: tired

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19th August 2003

3:34pm: Aich
Mein gott, dis place has turned into a morass of drama.

'All for now,
Current Mood: annoyed

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14th August 2003

7:36pm: Hmmm
Verr de hell did dat schtupid cat go? I haven't had mein tale molested since yesterday. Starting to get voried. . . If dat cat dissapears, Jimaine iz going to kill me! Ach, anyvay, life has been hectic around herr. Half a dozen new students, including mein daughter (Ja, I seem to have a daughter, despite her being only a year younger den me) und some other pipple from her dimension/timeline/vatever. I had better get busy meetink all dese new people. Vat we need is a party! Get everyvone togeder. Who vants to come? Food iz on me! Vell, actually, it's on other pipple, but I'll just BAMF in und borrow it.

Anodder t'ing I've been tinking about iz how I am supposed to treat my daughter. I mean, dat vone new student Morph seems to be a real vomanizer. Should I varn him off or sumfink? I mean, dat's vat a father iz supposed to do, ja? Und vat other responsabilities do I have? Aich, it iz all very confusing.

Anyvay, I just spilled mein Coke und I need to clean it up.


::note to Jimaine::
I miss hyu, love. Ve haven't done anyt'ing togeder in a vhile. Vhen are hyu open dis veekend?
::end note to Jimaine::
Current Mood: bouncy

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9th August 2003

8:39pm: Reflection
I took de gorl Talia to see Herr Proffessor today. As to vat we discovered, hyu'll have to ask in person. I've been sittink on de roof all day pondering things anyvay.

Current Mood: contemplative

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8th August 2003

8:45pm: Kurt and Talia Log:

I have a daughter?!Collapse )
Current Mood: confused

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7:10pm: Heh
Ja, vell, dat ought to vork. I tink de cat und I have, if nothing more, a cease-fire. It vas a tough negotiation, but I tink ve figured everytink out.

Now ver de *%$# is de damned bactine for all dese scratches?!

Current Mood: accomplished

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2:09pm: Und strike two
Kurt: Hokay, cat. I know hyu are schmarter den you act, so ve are goink to have a leetle conversation, hokay? Und ja, I hnow you can't talk. I gott eet all figured out. Ve are going to figure this out. I vill ask you yes or no qvestions. If you answer yes, den put hyour paw on the catnip mouse. If hyu vant to say no, den put your hand on de sardine I gott from de kitchen.
Silverbells: ::tilts head to the side::
Me: Hokay, let's try dis out. Are hyu ready?
Cat: ::eats sardine::
Me: Gah! Dis is hopeless! ::Bamfs away::

Tonight I go for Plan C. If dat fails, den I'll feed de schtupid cat Tvinkies until it keels over und can't move because it iz so fat.

Current Mood: aggravated

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5th August 2003

8:32pm: Strike vone
Okay, vell, Plan A didn't vork at all. I have decided to vin over Silverbells, because it vould make Jimaine and I's relationship slightly less dangerous for me (To de gents: Yes, dangerous. Dating a vitch is scary. Did hyu know dat dey can do voodoo type t'ings on any part of hyour body? Ja, ist mindnumbingly frightening). Anyvay, I asked around and managed to procure some catnip and a leetle cloth mouse. After spending an hour vit a needle und thread, I managed to fill de t'ing up vit catnip. Mein poor fingers hurt. It iz hard to sew vit only t'ree digits on each hand. Aich. Anyvay, I let myself into Jimaine's room ven she vas gone and confronted mein favorite evil furball. Here is de conversation dat followed:

Me: I brought hyu a presant, Silverbells.
Cat: ::silence::
Me: See? It's a catnip mouse.
Cat: ::silence::
Me: Look, I set it on de floor for hyu. Now I am stepping away.
Cat: ::silence, looks at mouse::
Me: Ja! Is for hyu! Like?
Cat: ::turns around and faces wall:
Me: Gah! Schtupid cat! ::teleports away::

On to Plan B.

Current Mood: annoyed

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3rd August 2003

8:56pm: Herr I am
Und vonce more I rise from de abyss. Apologies all around for not writtink in dis journal for so long. I've been so busy. School vas hell dis veek, but mainly I've been readink in de library. I've read every 'American classic' I can get mein hands on. Everyt'ing from Death Of A Salesmen, to The Great Gatsby. So many books, so leetle time. Und after reading dem all, here iz my conclusion:

Hyur whole culture is insane.

Current Mood: amused

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2nd August 2003

12:47pm: Note to my friends
Have been very busy dis veek. I promise I vil write an update today. My apologies for mein long absence.

Current Mood: working

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23rd July 2003

6:25pm: Difficulties
Gah! I hate mall security! Do hyu have any idea how hard it is to buy [secret] when hyu can't reach de store! Gah. Here ist de story:

So I get lucky vith my schedual today, und I have most of de afternoon off. I put on my trenchcoat und wide brim hat, and grab my money-vich is quiete a bit since I have been saving it forever. I bamf my way as far as I can vithout drawink attention, den valk de rest of de vay. So I vait until a big group enters, den I walk in after dem so de mall cops don't see me. I find de mall map and locate a nearby [secret] shop, to which I quickly head. I enter the store, find a [secret] that I like, und I ask de salesperson to see it. She takes it out and lets me see it, but, of course, she is suspicious dat I am vearing such concealing clothink plus mittens to cover mine hands. She doesn't say anyting, but she finally bends down and looks under de brim of mine hat. I grin at her, und of course she screams and yells for security. So, being de vonderful citizen dat I am, I snatch a catalog from de store, throw de [secret] back at the salesperson, and teleport throught the skylight onto de roof. So I end up not getting to buy vat I vanted to. I vas goink to ask Gambit, but I can't find him anyvhere, so, ah, Herr Rogue, if you are reading dis, I kind of need a favor.

Rogue only!Collapse )

Current Mood: irritated

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22nd July 2003

7:37pm: Home, sveet home
Vat ever happened to Gambit? I been lookink for him, but he seems to have dissapeared. If anyvone sees him, tell him dat I vant to talk to him.

Anyvay, I life iz all kinds uv good. So very, very good! I mean, I have friends here, und I have more dan friends. I have Jimaine! Or Amanda. I'm not sure vat she vants to be called now, so I'll stick vith Jimaine unless she tells me othervise. I haven't been dis happy since I vas back home. But last night, ven I held Jimaine in mein arms again, looking up at de stars together, I tink. . .

I tink I am home.

Current Mood: content

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21st July 2003

8:23pm: Starlight picnic
Barely able to contain his energy, Kurt left a sticky note on his computer reading "Update soon!" and then, as an after thought, another reading "Steal more soda from Scott" before teleporting out his window to dance aimlesslely around the school grounds, waking up the lighter sleepers with the sound of his laughter and his bamfing in and out of existance through the elaborate gardens and fields.
Current Mood: loved

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20th July 2003

8:26pm: A note left on the roof

I wanted to talk to you in person, but it's getting late and you haven't come yet, so something must have come up. Please stop by my room when you find this, we have to talk.

Yours forever,
Current Mood: disappointed

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6:54pm: Kurt meets Rogue
Spies and stolen sodasCollapse )
Current Mood: pleased

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4:03pm: A blue Errol Flynn
I'm meetink Amanda tonight for a late-night picnic. Vat should I vear?!

Vait a tick. . . I'm blue and furry! I alvays look goot!

Current Mood: excited

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19th July 2003

4:07pm: Just vondering
Does anyvone know if dere are roses growing at de school somevere? I thought it vould be cute to teleport into a certain gorls room and leave dem dere. . .

Current Mood: giddy

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18th July 2003

5:39pm: Do mine eyes decieve me?
Did I really just see you, love?

Current Mood: restless

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3:00pm: More different than I thought
Maybe I judged dis school to qvickly. No von has ever treated me like dis before. Dese pipple are. . . I think dat dis place could become my home. Maybe Herr Proffessor vas right.

Current Mood: pleased

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17th July 2003

6:38pm: Different but not so different
I do not know vat to sink of dis place. On von hand, dese pipple are differant from all others I have known. Zhey seems nice. Zhey have been kind to me. But I cannot help but vonder vat dey zhink of me. Even az people who are differant, they look at me like I am a monster. Vell, maybe I am exaggerating, but dey cannot deny I am differant from even dem. I look like a monster. Perhaps I am being paranoid, but why would dese people be any differant from de rest? Dey act nice to me, but vhy? Everyvone else is afraid of me. Zhe audience at zhe circus zhought I was in a costume. Only zhen was I accepted for my talents instead of my appearance. Margali, Stefan, Jermaine. . . But zhat is too fresh in my memory. I vill speak of it no more.
I saw a student here who intruiged me. Her name is Mystique. Ve have not had a chance to speak yet, but I hope ve vill soon. She looks startlingly like me. She too possesses blue skin and yellow eyes. Margali told me my parents died, but iz zher a chance zhat I had a sister? I do not know vhat to zhink of dat. She is so similar to me. It iz strange.
Somevone mentioned zhat she can change her appearance. Vhy, den, does she walk around in herr real form when she can juzt as eazily look normal? I can see zhe students stare at me from the corner of zher eyes. If I could change my shape, I would look like a normal person. But all I can do is run. Vhat good is my powers if all I can do is run?

Vhy did Herr Proffessor bring me herr?

Current Mood: restless

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16th July 2003

9:13pm: Introductions
Romeo: Courage, man, the hurt cannot be much.
Mercution: No, 'tis not so deep as a well, nor so wide as a church door;
but 'tis enough, 'twill serve; ask me to morrow, and you
shall find me a grave man. I am peppered, I warrant, for this
world.--A plague o' both your houses!
-William Shakespeare

Romeo and Juliet, Act III, Scene i
Current Mood: contemplative

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